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About Us

Patriot, circa 2013, is a company focused on clothing, dedicated to it's employees, designers, and customers.  Here we believe that everyone should be treated equally.  When corporations strive to keep their employees happy, their employees will strive to keep the customers happy.  This creates an enviroment much like our products, relaxed, fun, and one of a kind.

Patriot was started by two young men.  Both coming from lower to middle class upbringings with plans much larger than the restaraunt jobs they were used to.  The one thing they did take from their time in fast food, retail, and other jobs, was that they enjoyed being in customer service and building a relationship with their customers.  This is something they desire to bring to the fashion industry.

Have you ever went into a clothing store and felt completely ignored?  How about smothered?  Ever felt like just leaving due to rude or unfriendly employees at a business?  We here at Patriot have, and that is why our goal is make sure our customers not only have a pleasant shopping experience with us, but that they feel welcome, and that they feel like a part of our family.

New ideas, new ways of conducting business, and a new atmosphere have come to the fashion industry.  It's time to take the focus off of the money, and put it back on the relationships between the company, the employees, and the customers.

"Those are not rebels."

Welcome to Patriot, welcome to your new family.